Firefox OS is a Linux-based open source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers being developed by Mozilla. It has been demonstrated on Android-compatible smartphones. It is designed to allow HTML5 applications to communicate directly with the device's hardware using JavaScript and open web APIs. Many telephone operators (Telefonica, Deutsche Telecom) but also manufacturers (ZTE, Alcatel, LG) have supported the development.
On July 2nd 2013, the first smartphones operating with Firefox OS were launched in Spain at a price of 69€. Mozilla is targeting the users of basic phones in emerging markets that wish to possess a phone with access to the internet for a low price (a potential of 1 billion customers). Now Firefox OS is also available in Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Germany, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro.
Firefox Marketplace, the application store for Firefox OS, opened at the end of 2012 for phones running Android and is now the main store for the phones running Firefox OS launched in July 2013.