iPad is the famous tablet created and distributed by Apple Inc. since 2010. 170 million units have been distributed over the world by October 2013 and more than 375,000 applications are available in the AppStore.
More and more corporate companies are using iPads in their daily work, for presentations etc.
Though now suffering from the competition (Samsung, Asus, Amazon) with a share of market of 32.5% in the world in the tablet segment for the first quarter of 2014, the iPad is the #1 tablet device in the world. During the first quarter of 2014, 16.4 million Ipad were sold vs. 11.2 million Samsung tablets.

iPad applications fit perfectly media needs for their audience development, especially for TV channels, newspapers, magazines… iPad experience enhances video and gaming consumption of the family. More and more companies implement iPad BtoB applications inside their internal organization (sales teams, supports management, dashboards, KPIs, …) or external (in-store applications, ...). In that perspective, Apple launched a specific AppStore dedicated to the corporate market. This dedicated AppStore gives companies the opportunity to reference, distribute and purchase iPad applications on their own. This BtoB dedicated AppStore helps companies roll out and manage the updates of their corporate applications very easily, regardless if users are either clients or employees.

Navigation inside iPad applications is 100% touchable, finger based. Compared to a web site, ergonomics and user experience for iPad need to be entirely reinvented, using mainly the gestures included in the iOS, such as for example, sweep to the top of the screen to display the multi-task bar,...
Key success factors for an iPad application are the fine tuning of the user experience (intuitive, natural, comfortable, and easy to use) with an innovative design, based upon a very good knowledge of the Apple iPad SDK to implement the application in the state of the art.