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Have you ever felt frustrated about anything in your city? Something that you would like the authorities to take into account, should it be a suggestion or maybe something that needs to be fixed?
ExpressAt is the new application that aims to increase communication between citizens and their closer representatives, local authorities.
The application is created as a social network where citizens can post suggestions regarding infrastructures. Once sent, the suggestion is processed, grouped by geographical zone and sent to the local authorities. The platform is a simple form where you can express any comment with up to 1000 characters, with a picture. You can also access a map of all suggestions or share your comments via social networks.
Avoid building frustration by using ExpresAt, online mailbox for local authorities.

Business Web Mail

Have you ever experienced staying late at work just to wait for an email? Or remember how stressful you feel before your first day back at work after some holidays because of hundreds of emails that are waiting for you (though you might delete about half of them)?
These moments might disappear thanks to a new application available on all markets (App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Firefox Marketplace...): Business Web Mail.
Business Web Mail gives you the possibility to deal with your work emails from your mobile device. You can read, compose new, reply to, forward emails directly through the app, with no need to connect through Outlook Web Services.
On top, the application has been optimized for slow Internet connections, so you can have access to your emails nearly everywhere!
If you wish, a notification is displayed when new emails arrive so you can act quickly on your emails away from your office.
No more endless workdays, no more anxious last day of holidays, Business Web Mail gives you the freedom and flexibility you have been looking for!